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 Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about bows

How do I attach the bow?

  • My bows have two strong bands of NON-Latex on the backside of the bow. You attach these parts to the fur. NEVER twist the elastic twice as this will result in breaking the elastic.
  • Don't cut off the elastic when removing the bow since it's really hard to attach new ones yourself.
  • Barrette is only possible to select for Dolly bows.
    This is because the regular bow gets weaker by the pressure that's needed to close the barrette
  • The plastic barrette is possible to select on all bows except Mini Puppy and Maltese bows

How long is the waiting time?

If the bow is finished, I will ship them immediately. If the bow isn't done it takes me about 4 weeks before shipping.

What are your working hours?

These hours apply only to when i make bows.
My current time is [wp-dt-time]

Monday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday CLOSED

How do I maintain the bows in the best way possible?

To care for your bow isn't hard. The most important thing is how you store them. I recommend keeping them in a small compartment box. You can find them pretty easily.

  • The elastics are never supposed to be twisted twice when attaching the bow, since this harming the elastic and can break it. Swapping elastics on a bow is not easy.
  • Are your bows loosing their shape? Just put them on knitting needles and strengthen them again with something that dries hard. A varnish for example.
  • Did the middle part come loose? It's completely fine to glue it back on with a super glue. For best result I recommend that you put the bow on knitting needles before gluing.

Questions about payment & shipping

How do I pay?

The easiest way is to use card payment on my website. To use paypal, you are not in need of an account.

You can choose to pick up your bows at the dog shows I'm attending. The easiest way to know if I will be at a show is to contact me at

How does the bows get delivered?

I ship all my packets using Postnord.

Each bow is provided with its own zip-lock bag for safe storage. Then the bow(s) are packed in a plastic bag, sealed and placed inside a box that will make sure the bows doesn't get damaged.

How long will it take for my bows to arrive?

Here you have the delivery time from Postnord. Sometimes the package takes longer than usual. Contact me if you haven't received the package after 30 days.

Delivery time
Sweden 1-4  business days
Europe 3-12*  business days
USA 4-14*  business days
Rest of the world 5-30*  business days

*Due to COVID-19 the shipping time takes about 1-3 months. So please be patient when ordering!

Full size Made from 7/8" ribbon. Fits most dogs over 13 pounds.
And Yorkshire Terrier
Puppy Made from 5/8" ribbon. Smaller than Full size.
Fits smaller dogs or puppies.
Maltese Made from 1/2" or 3/8" ribbon Perfect for maltese in pairs.
Perfect for ponytails in smaller dogs.
Mini puppy Made from 3/8" ribbon This is the Nordic puppy size.
Perfect for all puppies in ages between 4-8 months.

This is the colors i offer on the settings.
(The middle piece on the bows)


Light Silver

Dark Silver